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The Night Shift (2014)

The Night Shift (2014)

The stories of the men and women who work the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. They are an ...
Bonobo (2014) DVD

Bonobo (2014)

Judith, an uptight divorcee, is appalled when her daughter Lily quits law school to move into a commune of hippie-misfits ...
Lemon (2017) DVD

Lemon (2017)

A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his blind girlfriend.
Beatriz at Dinner (2017) DVD

Beatriz at Dinner (2017)

Beatriz, an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as ...
Modern Family (2009)

Modern Family (2009)

Modern Family stars the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, a wonderfully large and blended family. Together these three families give us an ...
One Week Friends (2017) DVD

One Week Friends (2017)

High school student Yuki Hase (Kento Yamazaki) wants to become close with classmate Kaori Fujimiya (Haruna Kawaguchi) who is alway ...
Chuck (2007)

Chuck (2007)

Chuck is an American action-comedy/spy-drama television series created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an "average ...
Gilmore Girls (2000)

Gilmore Girls (2000)

Set in the charming town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the series follows the captivating lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, ...
Burn Burn Burn (2015) DVD

Burn Burn Burn (2015)

Following the death of their friend, two girls in their late twenties embark on a road trip to spread his ...
The Country Doctor (2016) DVD

The Country Doctor (2016)

All the people in this countryside area, can count on Jean-Pierre, the doctor who auscultates them, heals and reassures them ...
Split (2016) DVD

Split (2016)

As her 30th birthday looms, an over-achieving woman with a thing for bowlers decides to marry the man of her ...
Detours (2016) DVD

Detours (2016)

A newly single New Yorker must re-locate to Florida for her dream job. She drives south with her widowed dad, ...
Baywatch (2017) DVD

Baywatch (2017)

Devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon butts heads with a brash new recruit. Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens ...
Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) DVD

Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

During a pro lockout, Doug "The Thug" Glatt is injured and must choose whether to defend his team against a ...
Friends (1994)

Friends (1994)

Friends is an American sitcom revolving around a group of friends in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Episodes ...
29+1 (2017) DVD

29+1 (2017)

Christy Lam is a smart worker who always performs professional in her job field. However, Christy has to deal with ...
Get Shorty (2017)

Get Shorty (2017)

Miles Daly works as muscle for a murderous crime ring in Nevada and attempts to change professions and become a ...
Tony Hinchcliffe: One Shot (2016) DVD

Tony Hinchcliffe: One Shot (2016)

This groundbreaking comedy special is presented in one continuous shot of witty stand-up from the Ice House in Pasadena, California.
Andel Páne 2 (2016) DVD

Andel Páne 2 (2016)

A story that takes place during Advent, we'll meet again with your favorite pair angel Petronel and devil Urias. ...
The Son of Bigfoot (2017) CAM

The Son of Bigfoot (2017)

Teenage outsider Adam sets out on an epic and daring quest to uncover the mystery behind his long-lost dad, only ...
All or Nothing (2017) DVD

All or Nothing (2017)

The lives of three best friends - Linda, Vanda and Edo - get all tangled by four attractive men.
Atypical (2017)

Atypical (2017)

Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, takes a funny, yet painful, journey of self-discovery for love and independence and ...