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Leatherface (2017) DVD

Leatherface (2017)

A young nurse is kidnapped by a group of violent teens who escape from a mental hospital and take her ...
The Houses October Built 2 (2017) DVD

The Houses October Built 2 (2017)

Recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped last Halloween by the Blue Skeleton - a group who take "extreme haunt" ...
The Little Hours (2017) DVD

The Little Hours (2017)

A young servant fleeing from his master takes refuge at a convent full of emotionally unstable nuns in the middle ...
Killing Gunther (2017)

Killing Gunther (2017)

A group of eccentric assassins are fed up with Gunther, the world's greatest hitman, and decide to kill him, but ...
Last Rampage (2017) DVD

Last Rampage (2017)

The true story of the infamous prison break, of Gary Tison and Randy Greenwalt, from the Arizona State prison in ...
Happy Hunting (2017) DVD

Happy Hunting (2017)

An alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event.
Big Bear (2017) DVD

Big Bear (2017)

BIG BEAR is about Joe (Joey Kern) who reluctantly has his bachelor party even though his fiancé just dumped him ...
If Looks Could Kill (2016) DVD

If Looks Could Kill (2016)

Based on true events, Faith is proud to finally be a cop in her hometown where she joins old flame ...
American Made (2017) CAM

American Made (2017)

The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.
Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) DVD

Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

During a pro lockout, Doug "The Thug" Glatt is injured and must choose whether to defend his team against a ...
Revolt (2017) DVD

Revolt (2017)

The story of humankind's last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion. Set in the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier ...
The Glass Castle (2017) CAM

The Glass Castle (2017)

A young girl is raised in a dysfunctional family constantly on the run from the FBI. Living in poverty, she ...
Escape Plan (2016) DVD

Escape Plan (2016)

A thief expert with blowtorch is hired by a group of the Russian mob for a bank assault.
The Mermaid (2016) DVD

The Mermaid (2016)

A playboy business tycoon, Liu Xuan, purchases the Green Gulf, a wildlife reserve, for a sea reclamation project, and uses ...
One More Time (2015) DVD

One More Time (2015)

Beautiful aspiring rock star Jude is stuck in a rut - relegated to recording commercial jingles and lost in a ...
Mr. Right (2015) DVD

Mr. Right (2015)

A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the ...
Nina (2016) DVD

Nina (2016)

The story of the late jazz musician and classical pianist Nina Simone including her rise to fame and relationship with ...
High-Rise (2015) DVD

High-Rise (2015)

Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control.
Term Life (2016) DVD

Term Life (2016)

If Nick Barrow can stay alive for 21 days, he'll die happy. Everyone Nick knows wants him dead; Mob bosses, ...
Race (2016) DVD

Race (2016)

Based on the incredible true story of Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose quest to become the greatest track ...
Back in the Day (2016) DVD

Back in the Day (2016)

A young boxer is taken under the wing of a mob boss after his mother dies and his father is ...
Andron (2015) DVD

Andron (2015)

A group of people are plunged into a dark, claustrophobic maze, where they must fight to survive, as the outside ...
The Phenom (2016) DVD

The Phenom (2016)

Major-league rookie pitcher Hopper Gibson has lost his focus. After choking on the mound, he’s sent down to the minors ...
Jason Bourne (2016) DVD

Jason Bourne (2016)

The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.
Bastille Day (2016) DVD

Bastille Day (2016)

Michael Mason is an American pickpocket living in Paris who finds himself hunted by the CIA when he steals a ...
Genius (2016) DVD

Genius (2016)

New York in the 1920s. Max Perkins, literary editor at Scribner’s Sons is the first to sign such subsequent literary ...